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Announcing Human Trafficking Awareness Event!

Human Trafficking – A Look Beneath the Surface

January 30, 2018 6:30 p.m. Duke Theater, LTCC

PATH is partnering with Live Violence Free and Tahoe Youth and Family Services to raise community awareness about Human Trafficking – and how it can happen in a small rural town.  We will be showing a short film, followed by a panel with PATH’s partner, 3 Strands Global (who conducts our school prevention education).  They will share a local survivor’s story, among other things.  $5 Donation to PATH appreciated.

PATH’s Goals for 2017

  • Support obtaining a grant for a local project that targets human trafficking and youth
  • Coordinate prevention education in the schools
  • Obtain accurate data of human trafficking in our community
  • Increase our visibility in the community
  • Create a community event for Human Trafficking Awareness Month in January, 2018