Global Estimates of Modern Slavery

From the International Labour Organization, this report, released in September, 2017 gives the latest estimate of the number of people enslaved worldwide.  As these estimate vary (the ILO and other estimates), it is worth knowing that there is NO central reporting protocol for Human Trafficking victims, cases, prosecutions, convictions; not in the U.S., nor anywhere else.  However, in the words of our consultant, John Vanek “these are the best estimate we have”.  The full report is available here.  10/7/17

Youth in the Sex Trade

A new report (supported in part by the United States Department of Justice, Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention) provides new information about the prevalence of sex trafficking of children in the United Stares.  Approximately 1000 individuals ages 13-24 in six regions across the United States were interviewed about their involvement in the sex trade. The research found that 77% of those interviewed first exchanged sex for goods under age 18, the average age being 15.8 years. It also found that the number of children engaged in the sex trade ranged from 10,506 to 20,994. While this is quite a bit lower than the 100,000-300,000 figure used as a previous statistic, this is still a significant number of children being affected by human trafficking. The full report is located HERE.