Backpage CEO Carl Ferrer Pleads Guilty in 3 States

Agrees to Testify Against Other Website Officials

Here’s what the indictment against the now seized alleges.  By way of a different perspective on this victory, John Vanek, PATH consultant, shares that SOSTA/FOSTA will eventually have little impact.  When Craigslist was shut down, was born.  And now that Backpage has been shut down, there are already sites being developed offshore, such as (likely from Europe) to take the place of Backpage.  Human Trafficking is simply too lucrative of a business, and traffickers will continue to find a way.  Read the full article here.  4/13/18

Charges Revealed in Human Trafficking Case Against Backpage Founders

On the heels of shutting down the online classified service, Backpage, “the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Phoenix unsealed indictments against seven people associated with Backpage, officially charging that it operated as a thinly veiled and lucrative online brothel.”  John Vanek PATH Consultant, has this to say about the Backpage shut-down:  “I’m happy to see the owners of Backpage will no longer profit from ads which exploit other human beings.  But those who exploit others are already evolving, moving to other platforms; many are ahead of the game, using platforms such as Snapchat, and Facebook.  Sooner rather than later, somebody somewhere will fire up servers outside the jurisdiction of the U.S. government, doing an end run around FOSTA.  Then, law enforcement will slowly adapt to the change.”  Read the full article here of Backpage owners’ charges.    4/9/18

Combating Underage Sex Trafficking in Las Vegas

This article, found here, follows the story of Jasmine, who was first sex trafficked when she was 13.  Now, agencies in Las Vegas are coordinating with law enforcement, prosecutors, and victim advocates to help create a coordinated response to trafficking investigations in the Las Vegas region.  This article also gives the signs of someone who might be vulnerable to trafficking, and discusses how the system needs to be fixed.  2/22/18

A New Push Against Human Trafficking on Flights

U.S. airports, airlines, and Homeland Security are working to educate employees and passengers for signs of exploited people they see traveling.  This is an industry where human trafficking incidents can be curtailed effectively.  And, as you will note in the next article posted here, it has paid off more than once.  Read this article here.  2/11/18

South Tahoe Now writes about PATH Event

South Tahoe Now wrote an excellent article about an event PATH hosted t on January 30th at Duke Theater.   We feel was a huge success in raising community awareness about human trafficking.  A short documentary was shown, followed by a presentation from PATH’s partner, 3 Strands Global, about a prevention education program PATH is working to bring to the Lake Tahoe Unified School District.  The program includes age-appropriate prevention education in 5th, 7th, 9th, and 11th grades.  Help PATH get this approved by the School District by writing their Board Members and Dr. Tarwater.  Read the article here.  2/6/18