Oakland man arrested in Santa Ana for trafficking underage girls

From the words of PATH partner, John Vanek: “Alleged to have trafficked three girls under age 18, the challenge in this case (and most trafficking cases) will be getting these girls to testify in court, unless the defendant please. Victim service providers play a critical role in prosecutions that is often overlooked.” Read the full article here. 3/18/19

Hidden in plain sight, sex trafficking thrives on the casual callousness of buyers

Here’s another article about human sex trafficking in massage parlors and brothels, this one about international trafficking. As long as there is a market that buyers support, this horrendous human tragedy will continue. In the words of PATH partner John Vanek, this is a good article about the process of recruitment that many women from Asia experience before being sexually exploited. Read the full article here. 3/1/19

The Monsters are the Men: Inside a Thriving Sex Trafficking Trade in Florida

This article (here), tells the story of a massage parlor that was a front for a human trafficking and prostitution operation. It led to an investigation spanning four Florida counties and two states (Florida and New York) over nearly eight months. Unfortunately, this is an all too common operation. Our South Lake Tahoe Police Department were instrumental in getting an Ordinance passed for the City of South Lake Tahoe, to prevent this type of operation in our city. 2/23/19