Vigilant Airline Ticketing Agent Saves Teen Girls from Human Trafficking Scheme

This article is one of the best outcomes one can hope for regarding human trafficking. The astute ticketing agent followed her instinct and saved two teen girls from a situation that most likely would have resulted in domestic human trafficking. It occurred in Sacramento, California – one of the nations hot spots for human trafficking. Like so many others, perpetrators befriend children on social media, and then lure them into the HT situation. It is so vital that we educate our youth about this way they can get into a dangerous situation. See the article and video here. 1/18/19

Statewide Operation nets 339 arrests

This California statewide operation spanned 3 days, and involved 93 agencies and hundreds of law enforcement officers. The video shows the sting operation in southern California. During this operation, the focus was on arresting the pimps and johns, and helping the victims if they could prove they were human trafficked by force, fraud, or coercion. During this sting, more than 50 victims were rescued, more than 12 of which were children. See the article and video here. 1/30/19

Human Trafficking Report from UNODC

While the nearly 25,000 cases of human trafficking reported to the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime (UNODC) is up from previous years, the increases may reflect either (1) more trafficking, (2) greater reporting; or a combination of both. But what is most disturbing, are two trends: the increasing number of girls forced into trafficking, most frequently sexual exploitation, and the growing use of trafficking as a tool of war. Read the full article here. 1/14/19