Prosecutors Rack Up Fresno County’s First Ever Human Labor Trafficking Conviction

Human Labor Trafficking is a type of trafficking that gets little attention yet is rampant throughout the world, including the United States.  Often, as in this story, official documents are withheld from the victims as collateral for a “loan”.  These victims, who come to this country looking for a better life, are soon indebted to their trafficker, a position that is hard to get out of.  To see a conviction for labor trafficking is indeed a victory for Fresno County, and California.  Read the full article here.   8/31/18

“Human Trafficking, Pimping, Pandering, Robbery, Extortion, Domestic Violence Suspect Arrested” from Redwood City Police Department

PATH Consultant, John Vanek gives a “shout out to Redwood City Police!  As the San Mateo County Human Trafficking Coordinator, I was thrilled with the response on this case by RCPD, and especially by my colleague, Human Trafficking Advocacy Coordinator Pamela Estes”.  This article shows, that when there is a coordinated effort, successful arrests can be made.  8/27/18

You Don’t Have to Look Far to Find Human Trafficking Victims

According to PATH’s consultant, John Vanek, “this is a good article about identifying Human Trafficking victims.”  John is currently working with the Texas Governor’s CSEC Team (mentioned in the article) developing a curriculum on multi-sector collaboration.  John also facilitates quarterly meetings for the North Texas Anti-Trafficking Team.  Per John – “Great people working hard in the Lone Star State!”

This article speaks to educating hospital staff, particularly ER Staff in recognizing the signs of human trafficking, as emergency rooms are a likely place where trafficked victims may end up.  8/20/18

South Lake Tahoe Jury Finds Man Guilty of Pandering and Pimping

While this man was charged with Human Trafficking, this article does not state whether the victim was an adult or a child under 18.  In order to convict for Human Trafficking in a victim over the age of 18, “force, fraud, or coercion” must be proven in cases of sex exploitation.  Many times, the lesser charges of “pimping and pandering” are thus the successful convictions.  Read the full article here.  8/19/18

Yes, You Do Need to Be Worried about Human Trafficking

This article discusses the most common people most at risk for being trafficked, and how much social media makes that possibility a reality, for all young girls and boys.  Traffickers are highly skilled at luring a child into their vehicles, and after the first 24 hours, the chances of finding them alive go down dramatically.  Read the full article here.  8/19/18