Why Cyntoia Brown, who is spending life in prison for murder, is all over social media

Brown is serving a life sentence for the murder of a Nashville man in 2004 (a man who was one of her “clients” in forced prostitution, or human sex trafficking).  The story is circulating social media because it gained the attention of some A-list celebrities, whose tweets have been taking social media by storm.  Read the full article here.  11/23/17

Sex Trafficking of Children reaches every corner of Colorado

In the last five years, the state of Colorado charged 369 people with crimes related to child sex trafficking.  These charges reached every corner of Colorado, and victim advocates say the court cases likely undercount hundreds of other related crimes that are never brought to light.  Important to note, is that the majority of these cases were all within Colorado’s borders, and did not involve international trafficking, as is the common misconception.  Read the full article here.  11/13/17

AB 1227 Human Trafficking Education & Training Act

This law, sponsored by our partner 3 Strands Global and signed by Governor Brown on October 9, 2017, requires schools to offer training and education on human trafficking identification and prevention, and was passed without  a single “no” vote.  It’s purpose is to reduce incidents of human trafficking among our most vulnerable – our children.  3 Strands Global has developed a program for age-appropriate education for 5th, 7th, 9th, and 11th graders, which we hope to bring to LTUSD in the near future.   Read the full text here.  10/9/17

Global Estimates of Modern Slavery

From the International Labour Organization, this report, released in September, 2017 gives the latest estimate of the number of people enslaved worldwide.  As these estimate vary (the ILO and other estimates), it is worth knowing that there is NO central reporting protocol for Human Trafficking victims, cases, prosecutions, convictions; not in the U.S., nor anywhere else.  However, in the words of our consultant, John Vanek “these are the best estimate we have”.  The full report is available here.  10/7/17

What They’re Saying About the “Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act” Hearing

Sex Trafficking has moved from “street to smart phone” bringing “ruthless efficiency” and massive profits to the pimping of teenagers and children.  This legislation is narrowly constructed to hold sites like Backpage.com accountable.  Portman’s bill would allow sex trafficking victims to sue websites that knowingly allow sex trafficking on their site.  Major tech companies including Google have aggressively lobbied against the bill, arguing that its language is overly broad and would undermine free speech online.  Read the article here, and write your congressmen to support this bill to hold sites like Backpage accountable.  9/20/17