Family Convicted of Keeping 18 Victims as Slaves for 26 Years

In the words of PATH Consultant, John Vanek:  “For may people, the image of a trafficker is something ‘different’ than them:  they think traffickers are foreign nationals, or inner-city thugs.  But here is an entire family exploiting slaves for years!  ‘White middle-class’ is probably a fair term to use looking at their photos and reading how they spent the money they saved through slave labor.”  While this exploitation took place in England, it is representative of Labor Trafficking, which also occurs in the United States.  Read the full article here.  9/12/17

Oregon Child Sex Ring Uncovered: “They’re Worth $5,000 a Night”

This article points out that trafficking can and does happen here in the United States.  According to Genevieve Wilson, of Soroptimist International in Southern Oregon, their chapter is trying to educate the public that it’s not just a Third World problem.  Our PATH Coalition originated through Soroptimist and our mission is the same – raising community awareness about human trafficking here in the United States, and specifically in our community.   Warning:  the photos accompanying this article may be disturbing to some people.  Read here.  9/2/17